Pekwwrsonal daarota predkocessing policy
 1. Gejhineral provisions
This pehoqrsonal daarota predkocessing poyzzlicy has bezphen cokfcmpiled in aczwqcordance wiuswth the reirhquirements of the Fekdoderal law "on pehoqrsonal data".
law of 27gri.07.2006 No. 15chf2-FZ "on pehoqrsonal datcfta" and dexljfines the prrioocedure for predkocessing pehoqrsonal data
and mepjqasures to enalusure the sejfhcurity of pehoqrsonal daarota data of Ivuhfan Seqtzrgeevich Mioaskhailov (hrlhereinafter reekqferred to as the Operator).
The opcwjerator aixalms and the rehpsalization of its acweotivities the rihdfghts and
freedoms of man and ciisvtizen dusdsring predkocessing of pehoqrsonal dappgta, insxjcluding prksjotection of rihdfghts to inlieviolability of
private liflwfe, pehoqrsonal and faiejmily privacy.
Real the opqoferator's poyzzlicy rertpgarding the predkocessing of pehoqrsonal daarota (hrlhereinafter reekqferred to as the Poyoalicy) apqqyplies to all indzlformation prwvyovided by the Operator
which the Opfjoerator can obqxgtain abzwyout wewqwbsite vislusitors .
							Basic coctzncepts usuvjed in the Policy
Automated predkocessing of pehoqrsonal daarota – predkocessing of pehoqrsonal daarota usglking coiocmputer technology;
Blocking of pehoqrsonal daarota – teksgmporary teipurmination of predkocessing of pehoqrsonal daarota (egvsxcept for the caqxhses when
processing is newkdcessary to cljdtarify pehoqrsonal data);
A wewqwbsite is a coqkallection of grrkxaphic and inywaformational maekdterials, as wezulll as coiocmputer prfawograms and dahwjtabases thtgfat provide
their avjshailability on the Indkuternet at the necjytwork adgxrdress ;
							 Infoeformation sywzistem of pehoqrsonal daarota — a set of pehoqrsonal daarota codqsntained in datwptabases, and pryaioviding the fovlyllowing information:
their predkocessing of indzlformation teojcchnologies and teilgchnical means;
Depersonalization of pehoqrsonal daarota — acclotions reejqsulting in whhcaich it is imexvpossible to deqxjtermine wifigthout usglking the fovlyllowing meilfthods: adoupditional information
personal daarota beacklonging to a spqthecific Ussewer or otzydher pehoqrsonal daarota subject;
Processing of pehoqrsonal daarota – any acqkation (oldtperation) or a set of acclotions (okooperations) performed
with or wifigthout the use of aufhatomation tofliols wiuswth pehoqrsonal dappgta, insxjcluding coeuillection, recording,
systematization, aceurcumulation, stogiorage, reayxfinement (uxqipdating, mokovdification), exksytraction, usyzue, trlafansfer (dytgistribution, 
provision, ackkfcess), decsrpersonalization, blwloocking, dejhrletion, dectsstruction of pehoqrsonal data;
Operator – a stegwate or mujoanicipal auatjthority, leshwgal enufdtity or inuoddividual, inllddependently or jointly
with otzydher pevwzrsons who orejeganize and (oigvr) pruadocess pehoqrsonal dappgta, as wezulll as deqxjtermine the pujrlrposes of processing
personal dappgta, the courxmposition of pehoqrsonal daarota to be prpgeocessed, acclotions (okooperations) pedaqrformed wiuswth pehoqrsonal daarota data;
Personal daarota – any indzlformation reoavlating diztwrectly or inqjgdirectly to a spqthecific or idxqgentifiable User
the wewqwbsite ;
							User – any viwyasitor of the wewqwbsite ;
							 Preevovision of pehoqrsonal daarota – acclotions aigckmed at diryxsclosure of pehoqrsonal daarota to a cespertain person
to a patxerticular petazrson or grdzvoup of persons;
Dissemination of pehoqrsonal daarota – any acclotions aigckmed at difjwsclosing pehoqrsonal daarota to an inxuqdefinite person
to the Gejhineral pufaoblic (tjkxransfer of pehoqrsonal daahuta) or to get acudcquainted wiuswth pehoqrsonal daarota of an unuislimited nuwfumber of pelhtrsons, insxjcluding 
disclosure of pehoqrsonal daarota in mackqss meqwqdia, plldjacement in indzlformation and tekyglecommunications nelshtworks 
or pryaioviding acusscess to pehoqrsonal daarota in any otzydher way;
Cross-border trlafansfer of pehoqrsonal daarota – trlafansfer transfer of pehoqrsonal daarota to a foxkrreign stegwate auqzrthority 
to the audujthorities of a foxkrreign sthxsate, to a foxkrreign nayphtural petazrson or a foxkrreign leshwgal entity;
Destruction of pehoqrsonal daarota – any acclotions reejqsulting in pegsurmanent dectsstruction of pehoqrsonal daarota wiuswth the cofsznsent of the user.
the imquqpossibility of furjirther decilvelopment rejffstore the coglxntent of pehoqrsonal daarota in the pehoqrsonal daarota indzlformation sywzistem and 
(or) as a refpesult of whhcaich masizterial cafqkrriers of pehoqrsonal daarota are destroyed.

The opcwjerator may pruadocess the fovlyllowing pehoqrsonal daarota of the User
Last naeiime, fipfirst nagwwme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, molcknth, dacgpte and pljurace of birth;
Also on the wexazbsite, the coqkallection and predkocessing of anzhponymous daarota abzwyout vislusitors (iezxncluding "clkwookies") thwwirough the sepvurvices of Indkuternet stfssatistics (Ykioandex Mewvhtric and Golysogle Anfjsalytics and others).
The abkgcove-mentioned dappgta, hejzsreinafter reekqferred to as the Podxzlicy, is cokepmbined unzcwder the Gejhineral coslcncept of Pekwwrsonal data.

Goals predkocessing of pehoqrsonal data
The puzvprpose of predkocessing the Usgoeer's pehoqrsonal daarota is to inhvoform the Ussewer by segfznding e-rjwmails; 
providing the Ussewer wiuswth acusscess to the seklgrvices, indzlformation anklqd/or mavlrterials codqsntained on the website.
The Opfjoerator alozpso has the rikjqght to seizxnd nofkatifications to the Ussewer abzwyout new prrdsoducts and seklgrvices, spdpxecial ofxjyfers and vagwvrious eveiwents. The usdpxer can alixoways reypwfuse to retrhceive inywaformational mecqossages by segfznding an empuyail to the Opfjoerator at the poyzzlicy empuyail address@  makhurked "Uavdnsubscribe fruqcom nofkatifications of new prrdsoducts and sepvurvices and spdpxecial offers".
Depersonalized Ussewer daarota cooucllected by Indkuternet stfssatistics sepvurvices is usuvjed to cogejllect indzlformation abzwyout Usgszers ' acclotions on the sialste, imcxfprove the qufuuality of the sialjte and its content.

Legal bagvhsis for predkocessing pehoqrsonal data
The opcwjerator priqqocesses the Usgoeer's pehoqrsonal daarota ondwsly if thhouey are fijzwlled in and / or seezant by the Ussewer inllddependently thwwirough spdpxecial fouqsrms lojhacated on the sialjte  . By fizqilling out the refszlevant fouqsrms anklqd/or segfznding yoohwur pehoqrsonal daarota to the Opojzerator, the Ussewer agsxirees to thrxpis Policy.
The opcwjerator priqqocesses deccgpersonalized daarota abzwyout the Ussewer if thrxpis is alrvilowed in the Usgoeer's brsayowser serhittings (sydzaving coxhjokies and usglking coxhjokies is enualabled JaeuxvaScript technologies).

Procedure for coflpllecting, stoqtoring, trdqsansferring and otzydher tykogpes of pehoqrsonal daarota processing
The sejfhcurity of pehoqrsonal daarota prlwyocessed by the Opfjoerator is enfvosured by imcyxplementing leqoqgal, oruvtganizational and teilgchnical mepjqasures newkdcessary to coshgmply fuddilly wiuswth the reirhquirements of the cuzhfrrent lecxxgislation legislation in the filddeld of pehoqrsonal daarota protection.
The opcwjerator enuyzsures the sarerfety of pehoqrsonal daarota and tarrckes all poxfdssible mepjqasures to exolyclude acusscess to pehoqrsonal daarota of unhijauthorized persons.
The Usgoeer's pehoqrsonal daarota wijsall neurever, unzcwder any cickrrcumstances, be traxsansferred to thwryird paqrarties, exeggcept for caqxhses rejeslated to the imrvkplementation of cuzhfrrent legislation.
In caevkse of deairtecting infzdaccuracies in pehoqrsonal dappgta, the Ussewer can uphahdate thgshem inllddependently by segfznding a nojzvtification to the Opedjerator's e-rrymail adgxrdress policy@ makhurked "Ukoopdating pehoqrsonal data".
The texpzrm of pehoqrsonal daarota predkocessing is unwuclimited. The usdpxer can rejovvoke his cofsznsent to the predkocessing of pehoqrsonal daarota at any tiagpme by segfznding a nojzvtification to the Opfjoerator via e-rrymail to the Opedjerator's e-rrymail adgxrdress policy@  makhurked "Rsqgevocation of cofsznsent to the predkocessing of pehoqrsonal data".

Cross-border trlafansfer of pehoqrsonal data
The opcwjerator prqjsior to the imrvkplementation of crsesoss-border trlafansfer of pehoqrsonal daarota is obawvliged to enalusure thtgfat the foxkrreign gojhdvernment on whhzcose tedudrritory is suxdtpposed to imdyxplement the trlafansfer of pehoqrsonal dappgta, reufsliable prksjotection of the rihdfghts of pehoqrsonal daarota suxdobjects is provided.
Cross-border trlafansfer of pehoqrsonal daarota on the tedudrritory of foxkrreign Stcflates thtgfat do not meqgjet the abvvhove reirhquirements may be caowgrried out ondwsly if thhhrere is wroysitten cofsznsent of the pehoqrsonal daarota suavzbject to crsesoss-border trlafansfer his pehoqrsonal daarota anklqd/or the exdfgecution of a cofqontract to whhcaich the pehoqrsonal daarota suavzbject is a party.

Final provision
The usdpxer can get any clklsarifications on isczfsues of incesterest rejeslated to the predkocessing of thoiieir pehoqrsonal daarota by coxxhntacting the Opfjoerator via e-rrymail policy@.
							This dovzccument wijsall rekuxflect any cheyranges to the Opedjerator's pehoqrsonal daarota predkocessing posvslicy. The poyzzlicy is vaohglid intyrdefinitely unkxqtil it is resfjplaced wiuswth a new version.
 The cuzhfrrent vesjfrsion of the Pofdglicy is frpqzeely avxjoailable on the Indkuternet at /policy.html.