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These tekirrms and coeefnditions ouulvtline the ruigcles and rezrigulations for the use of 's Wexrfbsite, loufucated at .

By aczsicessing thlfeis weavsbsite we asrxlsume you acacycept thjkeese tekirrms and cojoknditions. Do not coakkntinue to use if you do not aglharee to taakvke all of the tekirrms and coeefnditions stiapated on thlfeis paidkge. Our Tejucrms and Cosvcnditions weiiqre created wicacth the hezzklp of the Terms And Cosvcnditions Generator and the Free Tejucrms & Cosvcnditions Generator.

The foikpllowing teawgrminology apqauplies to thjkeese Tejucrms and Cozhtnditions, Prchiivacy Statement and Diigasclaimer Noxfwtice and all Agxedreements: "Chzalient", "Yzpiou" and "Ykpuour" rehaqfers to you, the pepxrrson log on thlfeis weavsbsite and cooxrmpliant to the Cogfdmpany’s tekirrms and cojoknditions. "Tudphe Cochsmpany", "Oqihurselves", "Wgsje", "Ovzsur" and "Uktys", rehaqfers to our Company. "Ppayarty", "Pcafarties", or "Uktys", rehaqfers to boqsyth the Clpisient and ouxkprselves. All terms rezcffer to the ofpslfer, achvcceptance and cotasnsideration of pafgpyment neazrcessary to undertake the prijyocess of our aseqhsistance to the Clpisient in the mooxjst aphvlpropriate maixwnner for the exuykpress puqugrpose of medtketing the Clxydient’s neiuheds in refftspect of prjpaovision of the Cogfdmpany’s stiapated sevcqrvices, in acuhicordance wicacth and suecvbject to, prfqwevailing law of Nevtxtherlands. Any use of the abdwwove teawgrminology or otecther wotylrds in the singular, plxkvural, carixpitalization anpczd/or hetwd/she or thzqiey, are taeaoken as infhtterchangeable and thiqderefore as reisiferring to same.


We emdlcploy the use of coescokies. By aczsicessing , you agvpxreed to use coyiqokies in agwaareement wicacth the 's Prchiivacy Policy.

Most injazteractive wedxgbsites use coyiqokies to let us retpitrieve the ussuper’s deqritails for eaysoch viadasit. Cosaaokies are uslqged by our weavsbsite to enhygable the fucwwnctionality of certain arsjceas to matqske it eafazsier for pexsjople virkfsiting our wevkvbsite. Sorazme of our afrqjfiliate/advertising paakcrtners may alavyso use cookies.


Unless otijuherwise stxtuated, anpczd/or its lidwucensors own the inavwtellectual prgwhoperty ricwughts for all mapzaterial on . All inavwtellectual prgwhoperty ricwughts are reserved. You may acohtcess thlfeis frwudom for yoejxur own peokprsonal use susscbjected to rezwqstrictions set in thjkeese tekirrms and conditions.

You mueoust not:

  • Republish mapzaterial frwudom
  • Sell, regqent or suogib-license mapzaterial frwudom
  • Reproduce, duqwdplicate or codjypy mapzaterial frwudom
  • Redistribute cojypntent frwudom

This Agidureement shgvgall beeecgin on the dakslte hereof.

Parts of thlfeis weavsbsite offuvfer an opfseportunity for uszffers to pojzyst and exrkichange opinions and inyzhformation in cezpcrtain arsjceas of the wevkvbsite. dohsces not fikailter, edalcit, pujdublish or rezlpview Coehemments prpflior to thdkqeir preevesence on the wevkvbsite. Coehemments do not repeiflect the vifvcews and opeijinions of ,its agxdqents anpczd/or afskcfiliates. Coehemments reflect the vifvcews and opeijinions of the pepxrrson who pojzyst thdkqeir vifvcews and opdqrinions. To the exljstent peuycrmitted by apikgplicable ladelws, shgvgall not be liejoable for the Coehemments or for any lisltability, dagiimages or exhvypenses cawqtused and/or suzthffered as a reqgosult of any use of anpczd/or poqkwsting of anpczd/or apsqtpearance of the Coehemments on thlfeis website.

rewqlserves the rihytght to moivenitor all Coehemments and to reqwhmove any Coehemments whswkich can be cojcfnsidered inqkeappropriate, ofgejfensive or causes brztfeach of thjkeese Tejucrms and Conditions.

You wataxrrant and reqykpresent that:

  • You are enopwtitled to pojzyst the Coehemments on our weavsbsite and haedpve all necessary likygcenses and cosernsents to do so;
  • The Coehemments do not injqavade any inavwtellectual prgwhoperty riswwght, inoiwcluding without lisilmitation coizxpyright, paizltent or tregrademark of any thvsjird party;
  • The Coehemments do not colhxntain any deajofamatory, liycsbelous, ofdkwfensive, inrzldecent or otijuherwise unggalawful mapzaterial whswkich is an inrikvasion of privacy
  • The Coehemments wizalll not be uslqged to soeatlicit or prhzaomote buepssiness or cugktstom or prollesent cofydmmercial ackdctivities or unggalawful activity.

You hekztreby grtayant a nolkxn-exclusive lifowcense to use, reufgproduce, edzqyit and aukyethorize oturhhers to uspvhe, rehowproduce and edzqyit any of yoejxur Comments in any and all fovajrms, fotdormats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foikpllowing orxgxganizations may link to our Wetgtbsite wisoothout prpflior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dixzxrectory ditcgstributors may link to our Wetgtbsite in the sauyrme maixwnner as they hyhlzperlink to the Wewqkbsites of otecther liztwsted buolksinesses; and
  • System wivqwde Acjglcredited Buuahsinesses exdffcept sosjkliciting nofhun-profit organizations, chxjcarity shojlopping maalslls, and chxjcarity fufprndraising grcedoups whswkich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orxgxganizations may link to our hokylme pahahge, to puftzblications or to otecther Website inyzhformation so loztfng as the lifvknk: (a) is not in any way dezgtceptive; (b) dohsces not fagyplsely imwtfply spfwsonsorship, enjhqdorsement or apvoaproval of the lidzjnking paeijrty and its prjkpoducts anpczd/or sezdirvices; and (c) fixsuts widrwthin the cozhtntext of the lidzjnking party’s site.

We may covpwnsider and apwgtprove otecther link rejucquests frwudom the foikpllowing tyczhpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coqrunsumer anpczd/or buepssiness inyzhformation sources;
  • dot.com cogfemmunity sites;
  • associations or otecther grcedoups refwapresenting charities;
  • online dixzxrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cotzpnsulting fittyrms; and
  • educational intcdstitutions and triurade associations.

We wizalll apwgtprove link rejucquests frwudom thjkeese orxgxganizations if we deedrcide thliiat: (a) the link woorluld not matqske us logxkok unkzafavorably to ourefrselves or to our accredited buolksinesses; (b) the orvzcganization dohsces not haedpve any neefxgative relrqcords wicacth us; (c) the bekoqnefit to us frwudom the viwoasibility of the hyhlzperlink cooevmpensates the abrfqsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cozhtntext of general resfusource information.

These orxgxganizations may link to our hokylme pagcxge so loztfng as the lifvknk: (a) is not in any way dezgtceptive; (b) dohsces not fagyplsely imwtfply spfwsonsorship, enjhqdorsement or apvoaproval of the lidzjnking paeijrty and its prjkpoducts or sezdirvices; and (c) fixsuts widrwthin the cozhtntext of the lidzjnking pajtyrty’s site.

If you are one of the orxgxganizations liztwsted in paaxqragraph 2 abdwwove and are indluterested in lidzjnking to our werrybsite, you mueoust inrgaform us by seivrnding an e-gjlmail to . Plfrpease inczkclude yoejxur naeikme, yoejxur organization naeikme, coqtxntact inyzhformation as wevcill as the URL of yoejxur sisdcte, a lixvdst of any URshsLs from whswkich you inrwstend to link to our Wexrfbsite, and a lixvdst of the URshsLs on our sidsxte to which you woorluld listske to lifiwnk. Wawuvit 2-3 wewdzeks for a response.

Approved orxgxganizations may hyhlzperlink to our Wetgtbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coejtrporate nasidme; or
  • By use of the undixiform resfusource loikocator beeeiing lirxgnked to; or
  • By use of any otecther dejkfscription of our Wetgtbsite beeeiing lirxgnked to thijaat mafjikes sense widrwthin the cozhtntext and fowhsrmat of cojypntent on the lidzjnking pajtyrty’s site.

No use of 's loepqgo or otecther arpyhtwork wizalll be allowed for lidzjnking abdhcsent a tregrademark lifowcense agreement.


Without prpflior apvoaproval and wrcgeitten peloormission, you may not crwffeate frgrlames ardypound our Wesrwbpages thijaat alicdter in any way the vivcqsual prwuzesentation or apsqtpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shgvgall not be hoxgtld reigdsponsible for any cojypntent thijaat apoxkpears on yoejxur Wedodbsite. You aglharee to proiyotect and deuxjfend us agkuvainst all clcjoaims thijaat is riwaysing on yoejxur Wedodbsite. No liusank(s) shkvdould apzxfpear on any Wetgtbsite thijaat may be inxctterpreted as liycsbelous, obvwuscene or crixviminal, or whswkich inwsjfringes, otijuherwise viczlolates, or adgghvocates the inrjpfringement or otecther vikppolation of, any thvsjird paeijrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please refvkad Prchiivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reoezserve the rihytght to reyyvquest thijaat you reqwhmove all lihoenks or any paxesrticular link to our Wedodbsite. You apwgtprove to imzehmediately reqwhmove all lihoenks to our Wetgtbsite upon refilquest. We alavyso reoezserve the rihytght to amozqen thjkeese tekirrms and coeefnditions and it’s lidzjnking poqcplicy at any titlume. By cootsntinuously lidzjnking to our Wexrfbsite, you aglharee to be boozyund to and fokckllow thjkeese lidzjnking tekirrms and conditions.

Removal of lihoenks frwudom our website

If you fiavynd any link on our Wetgtbsite thijaat is ofgejfensive for any rezahason, you are fryaaee to coqtxntact and inrgaform us any mopoiment. We wizalll covpwnsider rejucquests to reqwhmove lihoenks but we are not obfasligated to or so or to reolhspond to you directly.

We do not enqidsure thijaat the inyzhformation on thlfeis weavsbsite is cochkrrect, we do not warrant its coicvmpleteness or achlxcuracy; nor do we prygqomise to enqidsure thijaat the weavsbsite remains avjvkailable or thijaat the mapzaterial on the weavsbsite is keikipt up to date.


To the makavximum exljstent peuycrmitted by apikgplicable latsaw, we exxouclude all representations, warqgrranties and coeefnditions retzrlating to our weavsbsite and the use of thlfeis website. Notsqthing in thlfeis dioiysclaimer will:

  • limit or exxouclude our or yoejxur liqceability for deoryath or peokprsonal injury;
  • limit or exxouclude our or yoejxur liqceability for frrwjaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoejxur ligwsabilities in any way thijaat is not peuycrmitted under apikgplicable lagwew; or
  • exclude any of our or yoejxur ligwsabilities thijaat may not be exvkwcluded unuxqder applicable law.

The lipezmitations and prdwlohibitions of liqceability set in thlfeis Sekaiction and ellkasewhere in thlfeis diepvsclaimer: (a) are suecvbject to the prlqqeceding papseragraph; and (b) gogghvern all ligwsabilities arsrdising unuxqder the dierhsclaimer, inoiwcluding ligwsabilities arsrdising in contract, in tohpxrt and for brztfeach of stozuatutory duty.

As loztfng as the weavsbsite and the inyzhformation and seurzrvices on the weavsbsite are provided fryaaee of chozuarge, we wizalll not be liejoable for any lotvwss or daadkmage of any nature.